World War 2 maps

Many World war 2 maps were produced by National Geographic during the time the war was being waged. These maps all together represent just about every part of the world effected by this great war. I personally found the most informative map of WW2 produced by National Geographic came out after the war in December 1991, in a two map set. You will see these maps at the bottom of the list.

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1. Atlantic Ocean September 1939 (31.5"x25") This world war 2 map made in 1939, came as part of an invitation package to join the National Geographic Society for the calendar year 1944. It has lots of little historical footnotes including information on Naval bases and of ships sinking during world war 2. It contains time zone boundaries, a chart of air-line distances in the Atlantic and an insert map of the Isthmus of Panama.

2. Central Europe and the Mediterranean - October 1939 (37"x27.5") This world war 2 map shows the international boundaries as of September 1, 1939, before Germany invaded Poland. It contains names of countries in English and the national language, thousands of place names and railways and canals. A great historical map.

3. Indian Ocean including Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia - March 1941 (32"x24") This is a political map of the Indian Ocean and the countries bordering it. It has lots of info including typical storm tracks, naval bases and historical notes. It contains inset maps of Guam, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and the Suez Canal.

4. Theater of War in the Pacific Ocean map February 1942 (27"x21") This world war 2 map came out in February 1942 with historical information including time zones, ship routes and naval bases. It includes an inset showing airline distances in statute miles.

5. North America - May 1942 (33.5"x27") This political map of the North America continent was made months after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, which brought the US into the Second World War. It contains the locations of naval bases and an inset map of the Aleutian Islands.

6. Theater of War in Europe, Africa and Western Asia - July 1942 (31"x26.5") This is a physical map of Europe, Africa and Western Asia which is color coded to show different elevations. It shows capitals, principal railways, railways under construction, canals and oil pipe lines. It has a table at the bottom showing airline distances in statute miles.

7. Africa- February 1943 (31.5"x29.5") Shows Africa during World War 2 just as the North African campaign was drawing to a close. Has a Relief map inset and geographical equivalents, an inset of the Cape Verde Islands, airline distances in statute miles and a color-coded colonial administration key.

8. Northern and Southern Hemispheres - April 1943 (41"x22") Here are political maps of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres laid out side by side on the map. It contains tables showing the distances between different locations located on each corner of the map. It also has inset maps of the world time zones and the world terrain.


9. Europe and the Near East - June 1943 (39"x34") Here is another political map of Europe and the Near East. It features distances from European ports to other world ports, and an inset map of the Middle East area.

10. Pacific Ocean and the Bay of Bengal - September 1943 (37"x27.5") This world war 2 map shows the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of Bengal in great detail. It has inset maps of over fifty islands, boundaries and political administration of the islands, time zones, and both airline and nautical distances.

11. World Map - December 1943 (41"x26") This world map was put out during the midst of World War 2. This map had a decidedly dark cast, which reflected the discouragement of the time. It contains international boundaries as of Sept. 1st, 1939, insets of the Northern and Southern hemispheres, an inset showing the world alliances during WW1, and an inset showing the alliances of WW2.

12. Japan with Asia and the Pacific Ocean - April 1944 (35"x27") Published during World War 2, this map paid particular detail to Japan's Industrial centers with detailed insets. It also has an inset of the Marshall Islands.

13. Germany and its Approaches 1938-39 - July 1944 (33.5"x26") A fine map of Germany during the Second World War. It shows the international boundaries when Germany invaded Poland Sept. 1, 1939 and also when Germany seized Austria and Czechoslovakia Jan. 1, 1938.

14. Southeast Asia - October 1944 (41.5"x28") Published during the second world war, this world war 2 map shows boundaries as of Sept. 1, 1939. The map shows the Netherland Indies administrative areas with their capital cities, airfields, roads, and principal railroads. It contains more than twenty inset maps of islands and cities.

15. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 1938-1944 - December 1944 (40.5"x26") This map from the world war 2 era has international boundaries according to Russian treaties of October 1, 1944. It also has boundaries noted in red as of January 1, 1938, before Germany invaded Poland.

16. The Philippines - March 1945 (26"x17.5") Fine world war 2 map published just months before MacArthur liberated the Philippines from the Japanese. It features the provinces and their capitals, with the locations of airfields. It has inset maps of Manila and the Lingaven Gulf.

17. China- June 1945 (36.5"x26") World War 2 was about to end when this map came out, and after the defeat of their enemy Japan, China was plunged into a four-year civil war.


18. Japan and Korea - December 1945 (37.5"x27") This map was published just after World War 2. It has inset maps of the many islands in the region plus historical notes.

19. Europe and the Near East - June 1949 (32"x28") This unique map of Europe has no ocean color, but has the countries with colorful borders on a white background. It has the Allied Occupation Zones in Germany and Austria after World War 2.

20. Western Europe - December 1950 (38"x30") This is a political map of Western Europe made after the end of the Second World War. It includes notes about post-World War 2 borders.

21. Central Europe and the Balkan States - September 1951 (39"x30") This is a political map of Central Europe and the Balkan States made shortly after World War 2. It has the American, British, French and Russian occupied zones of Germany, and the new boundaries of Russia and Poland.

22. The World map - December 1951 (42"x27.5") This was the first world map published by National Geographic after WW2. It contains international boundaries reflecting the changes following WW2. It has insets of Antarctica and the Arctic, the Communist World and the Atlantic Pact countries, and an inset showing the United Nations with a list of the countries that joined.

23. History of the Philippines - July 1986 (27"x20")
Side A:
This map was published just after the inauguration of Corazon Aquino. It contains an abundance of information on the history of the region. Of particular interest is a world war 2 map with major air strikes, principal invasions, battles and other historical data.


24. World War 2: Europe and North Africa - December 1991 (27"x20")
Side A:
This world war 2 map plus the map on the other side is the must have map set for those interested in World War 2. This map is filled with inset maps, pictures and informative notes on the war. On the bottom section is a large highly detailed physical map of Europe and North Africa. On it you will find marked the extent of Axis territory as of 18 Nov. 1942 and 7 May 1945, major naval bases Nov. 1942, locations of where major warships sunk 1939-1945 and dates and locations of allied liberation or occupation for both the western and eastern front. You will also find locations where merchant ships were sunk by U-boats, major land battles, political boundaries, lines of defense, military advances, major bombing targets and a lot more.

25. World War 2: Asia and the Pacific - December 1991 (27"x20")
Side B:
This side for the two map set is also filled with inset maps, pictures and informative notes on World War 2. A large portion of this map is filled with a huge physical map of Asia and the Pacific. On this map will be shown the extent of Japanese occupied territory as of 6 Aug. 1942 and 15 Aug. 1945. Also will be numerous locations of major naval bases as of Dec. 1941, dates and locations of Japanese occupation and Allied liberation or occupation, major naval battles, locations where aircraft carriers and battleships sunk, convoy or supply routes and locations of major land battles. Both sides make a great combination of world war 2 maps for those interested in this great war.

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