Maps of the North America Continent


This page has maps of the North America continent put out by National Geographic from the early 1900's up to the present. A large percentage of these maps are highly detailed political style maps with clearly defined borders. There are also lots of physical maps filled with information and illustrations on the history of the continent and its peoples and its geography.

The maps are listed from the earliest map to the most present one.

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1. North America - May 1924 (38"x28") This is a political map of North America which has been colored to show elevation and ocean depth. It contains inset maps of the eastern part of the West Indies and the Aleutian Islands.

2. The United States and adjoining portions of Canada and Mexico - January 1933 (41"x27") This is a large political style map of the United States with the southern portion of Canada and northern part of Mexico included. A nice early map to add to your collection of maps of the North America continent.

3. North America - May 1942 (33.5"x27") This political map of the North America continent was made months after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, which brought the US into the Second World War. It contains the locations of naval bases and an inset map of the Aleutian Islands.

4. North America - March 1952 (35"x28") This is another political map of the North America continent with Central America and the West Indies. It has inset maps of the Bering Sea and Aleutians, and the Diomede Islands.

5. North America - April 1964 (25"x19") This political map shows the tensions of the Cold War during this time with details of distant early warning signs, missile tracking stations and missile ranges on the map. It has an inset map of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands. 


6. Indians of North America - December 1972 (37"x22")
Side A:
This has a physical map divided into several regions occupied by different Indian tribes. These regions with information and illustrations include the Aleutians, the Northwest coast, plateau, plains hunters, Great Basin, California, Southwest, Middle America, Caribbean area, plains farmers, Southeast, Northeast and the Arctic.

7. North America Before Columbus - December 1972 (37"x22")
Side B:
This side contains a fantastic physical map of the North America continent showing the diverse landscape of this continent. It has lots of notes and illustrations on the history of different regions of the continent. It has an inset chronicling the North American past along with insets on Tyuonyi Pueblo-New Mexico, Moundville-Alabama, Edwin Harness site-Ohio and Ipiutak-Alaska.

8. Bird Migration in the Americas - August 1979 (36"x22.5")
Side A:
This is a very educational map showing the migratory birds of the Americas. It has an abundance of information on migratory routes along with illustrations on 67 species of birds. It also contains insets on the mystery of migration and ocean migrants.

9. The Americas map - August 1979 (36"x22.5")
Side B:
This is a beautiful political map of the North America continent with beautiful detailed borders. It has a detailed inset map of the Americas showing the diverse geography of this continent.


10. Natural Hazards of North America - July 1998 ( 31"x20")
Side A:
This side has seven separate physical inset maps of North America, the first one showing the density of the population over the continent. The next six physical maps show the areas of most probability over the continent for earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, Hail and Drought. All these inset maps also includes lots of notes.

11. Great Disasters: Nature in Full Force - July 1998 (31"x20")
Side B:
This side has a large physical map of the North America continent with the locations and dates of earthquakes, floods, hailstorms, hurricanes, landslides, tornados, tsunami, volcanoes, wildfires and winter storms. It includes notes and illustrations on each of these disasters along the outside of the map.

12. Dawn on the Delta - January 1993 (27"x20")
Side A:
This is a beautiful illustration of dinosaurs indigenous to North America 74 million years ago. It is titled Dawn on the Delta: 74 Million Years Ago and has a key to the species in the map.

13. North America in the Age of the Dinosaurs - January 1993 (27"x20")
Side B:
This is a physical map of North America with a wealth of information and illustrations of the various dinosaur species 74 million years ago and their fossil distribution. It has an inset of the continents as they existed 74 million years ago.



14. Peopling of the Americas - December 2000 (31"x20")
Side A:
This has a beautiful physical map of the regions from the Bering Land Bridge, through the whole of North America and Greenland into South America. with the migration routes of the earliest peoples of the Americas. It is filled with notes and illustrations of these early people.

15. The Americas - December 2000 (31"x20")
Side B:
This is a beautiful political map of North and South America with colorful detailed country borders. It also includes an inset of a physical map of North and South America.

16. North American Indian Cultures - September 2004 (31"x20")
Side A:
This is a fantastic physical map of North America continent coming out the same month as the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian. It is broken up into regions showing a broad sampling of linguistic families. It also has notes on several of these linguistic families along with notes on Indian Innovation.

17. Indian Country - September 2004 (31"x20")
Side B:
This has a physical map of the United States showing the locations of American Indian reservations, other federally recognized tribal entity, Oklahoma trust land, Indian Health Services or Tribal hospitals, major festivals or powwows, cultural centers or museums owned or managed by natives and tribal colleges or universities. It has 4 inset maps on the bottom showing colonial expansionism and how it effected Native Americans and pictures of several famous Native American Indians across the top.


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