Historical maps by National Geographic

Many historical maps have been put out by National Geographic over the years. These maps are rich in information on diverse historical subjects such as archeology, early civilizations, the civil war, exploration, biblical times and much more.


National Geographic put out two great series of maps Making of America and Making of Canada. which have lots of historical facts on the early days of these two countries.

On this page, General History you will find maps dealing with the general history of a country or region.

This link will let you look through Colonial maps of North America, South America and Central America with the West Indies. These maps will also show the migration of the colonist from the east coast to the west.

If you are interested in information on the Civil War then this is the page to go to: Civil War maps.

National Geographic produced a few maps that show the first inhabitants of the North, Central and South American continents. This page Native American maps will list these maps.

National Geographic put out several maps that dealt with early civilizations from every corner of the world. A great place to start is the Great Peoples of the Past page. This page, Early civilizations also lists several maps dealing with these early civilizations.

Several maps put out by National Geographic contained information on the early explorers to these regions. Later maps had information on more modern explorers going to the last unexplored places on earth, or exploring the final frontier of space. This page, Exploration maps list the maps containing information on these explorers and some of the results of their explorations.

Other maps produced by National Geographic had information on archeological sites. You can find these maps by going to this page, Archaeological discoveries


A few religious maps of the Holy Land in the Middle East were produced by National Geographic. Use this link, Biblical maps to see a list of these maps.

Many maps were put out by National Geographic that had information on different wars or campaigns that has happened throughout history. Try this page, Military maps for a list of these types of maps.

If you are looking for historical maps that dealt strictly with World War 2 go to this page, World War 2 maps.

On this page, Old World maps. you will find maps that portray what the world looked like, or how the people thought the world looked like, in earlier times.

There are three categories of historical maps in which there are too few maps to make up a whole page. I have listed these maps together on one page and Miscellaneous History.

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